Get the Most Out of Your Free Swag

You’ve given it out, received it, and probably thrown a good amount away … so how can you make sure that your free company swag is doing its job? The truth is, swag can be very effective both internally and externally. It’s just up to you to use it correctly. So, here’s a few of our best practices on how to make your swag work for your company.

Internally, use swag to enhance a company culture, make new employees feel as if they belong, and to unite different departments. The trick is to pick the right items. Choose high-quality items like a personalized coffee mug, water bottle, or sweatshirt.  Think about the context that you’re giving the items: is it in an employee welcome package? You can show new hires just how excited you are to have them on board by giving them personalized water bottles, t-shirts, stickers, or notebooks on their first day. With this simple gesture, you can position yourself as the company that cares about their employees.

When you personalize items, you’re free to design them however you want. Consider placing your company values somewhere in the design, reinforcing your company culture and mission. Simply stamping a logo on the front of everything will quickly feel impersonal. Designing shirts specifically to celebrate an anniversary, event, or program, will make employees feel more appreciated.  Add your mission statement or slogan to the side of a baseball cap or sleeve of a t-shirt to remind staff what goals they are working towards.

Externally, swag can increase brand awareness and start a conversation between you and potential customers. People love free things – but they can tell the difference between quality items and the cheapest thing you could find. If this is your first impression on a potential customer, you want to choose a unique product that represents your business. Are you a brewery? Have a quality bottle opener branded with your logo. Dentist? Maybe lip balm would be appropriate. Pick an exciting swag item, such as stickers or water bottles, and then have a conversation with the people you’re giving them to. If someone is excited to receive your item, they’re less likely to throw it out when they get home.

All companies give out swag. Make sure that yours is meaningful and intentional, and it will stand out. If you need any help picking out the correct items or brainstorming design ideas, we would love the chance to help you out! Browse our extensive product lines at to get some ideas for your next swag purchase.

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