4 Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering T-shirts in 2019

The new year is just around the corner! The Burt’s crew can’t wait to work with you for all your printed apparel needs in 2019. When considering what shirts you’d like to order for your next event, company function, family reunion, etc., here are a few things to keep in mind:


  1. Quantity

The only thing worse than having a few hundred extra shirts stamped with a “2019” design is running out before everyone gets one. Before placing an order, calculate how many people will need a shirt, and don’t forget to account for last minute drop-ins. If you are purchasing shirts for an event, try to delve into previous attendance statistics to get a decent estimate. It can’t hurt to order a few more than your prediction, but careful calculations beforehand should help you get close. And remember, different Burt’s products come with different minimum order quantities, so be sure to double check with us if you’re looking at a small amount.


  1. Color

Before even deciding on which color you like best, determine how many different colors you’d like your shirts in. Do you need separate color schemes for male and female shirts? Adult and children shirts? If you choose to go with only one color, be sure to pick something generic like royal blue, black or red so you have a better chance of the shirts appealing to everyone.


  1. Sizes

Similar to color, it is important to carefully consider how many different sizes you will need. If your order is small enough that you know each individual size needed, then that’s great! If you need to guess on sizes, it is best to get a variety of sizes, with most being sized medium and large. Be sure to ask if shirts are male and female or if they run large or small, as this will affect your size count.


  1. Design

Possibly the most crucial factor…what should the shirts say? Will you be providing any artwork, or would you like us to take a stab at creating your message? Does an event or company logo suffice, or does it warrant further text or creative work? Don’t forget to decide whether you want a front or back (or both!) design.


Have any questions about your next t-shirt order? Give us a call at 970-484-7417 and we’d be happy to help. Cheers to much fun in 2019!

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