Partner Spotlight: Gilded Goat Brewing Company

At Burt’s, we love building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, but we also love getting to know the fantastic new businesses coming to Fort Collins. On that note, we’d like to introduce you to Gilded Goat Brewing Company, a new brewery in town that opened in early 2017. We’ve had the pleasure of working with this great local business and want you to get to know them as well:

  1. Can you give us a brief overview and history of Gilded Goat Brewing Company?

We opened up Feb. 3 of this year, and I don’t think any of us expected to be doing this well just a few months into the business. Charlie and Ben are making beer that stands out in a crowded Fort Collins market, and our taproom brings something different to the scene here – it is spacious and filled with oak wood, the upstairs mezzanine looks down into the brewhouse, and overall it captures the spirit of those countless European pubs the Hoxmeier family have toured.

And that’s where the idea originally came from. This is a family brewery, and the Hoxmeiers from the start wanted to open a place for the community to come together and share great beer, like those old classic pubs of southern Germany and England. Their oldest son, Charlie, began brewing in his garage more than 10 years ago while getting his PhD in microbiology. When it became evident that this was his calling, they pulled in Ben Petersen from a huge brewery on the Hudson River and began building the brewery.

Today, both brewers complement each other beautifully, with a devotion to both the scientific and artistic side of brewing. And each is proud that we don’t necessarily “brew to style” but instead embrace the innovative spirit of Colorado’s craft beer industry, while respecting the great traditions of brewing in Europe.

  1. What products has Gilded Goat gotten from Burt’s?

All of our clothing comes from Burt’s – men’s tees and women’s tees, sweatshirt hoodies, hats and tanks.

  1. How does having printed materials help communicate Gilded Goat’s branding to its customers?

It’s exciting for us to offer merchandise that carries the quality of our brand and increases the awareness of this brand in Fort Collins and northern Colorado. The other day, I saw a guy wearing one of our hats in Old Town, and it made me proud that he believed in our brewery enough to sport the goat on his head. It’s a simple hat, blue with a golden goat’s head in a circle, and it reminded me of our beer – bold and balanced and with the quality to speak for itself, no fancy gimmicks to distract customers from the great beer and the great taproom we offer.

  1. What made you choose Burt’s over other logo branding businesses in northern Colorado?

Burt’s has been in northern Colorado for a long time, and based on your business history and reputation, we felt like we couldn’t go wrong with Burt’s.

  1. What events or specials does Gilded Goat have coming up?

We’re planning for an epic summer block party outside in the parking lot (goat races may be involved), time and date to be determined. Every Monday we host a “Retro Game Night,” where a lot of our regulars come in and compete, tourney-style, on some classic N64 games like Mario Kart and 007 Goldeneye for a chance at a free night’s tab.

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know our friends at Gilded Goat! We hope you will stop by their location at 3500 S College Ave #194 for a cold brew after work (and ask for more details about those goat races!).

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