7 Burt’s Items to Rock at the Lake this Summer

This summer may be flying by, but we still have plenty of lake-worthy days ahead of us! We can provide you with perfect Horsetooth-goer items to hand out at your next company event or booth. Here at Burt’s, we can help you personalize them to make your lake trip that much more memorable!

  1. Wild Rugby Beach Towel: Our exciting striped towel is 30 inches x 60 inches and super absorbent! It will be perfect for lounging around at Horsetooth Reservoir or for drying off after you hit the water!
  2. Beach Chair: Your customers or employees are about to experience a whole new level of relaxation in these chairs! Choose from a bright yellow or green and then sit back in mesh paneled comfort.
  3. Flip Flops: What’s a day at the lake without appropriate foot attire? Completely customize your ’flops with colors, sizes, and a special ‘logo sole,’ which will leave an imprint of your logo in the sand.
  4. Beach Balls: The classic lake toy is a must! We have sizes ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches and also various colors. Customize a logo or image onto the ball for extra fun and soon it will be flying all over the shore.
  5. Flyer (Frisbee): Whether you are playing catch in the water or on the sand, this frisbee is super fun to toss around! It’s available in five different colors and can be customized with your logo.
  6. Sunscreen: No one is safe from these hot Colorado sun rays! Your customers will love to have this small bottle of sunscreen on hand the next time they hit the lake. It may be only one ounce, but SPF 30 is packed in this handy little bottle!
  7. Water Gun: Perfect for sneak attacks or even water fights at night, this 19-inch water shooter lights up! Multi-color LEDs flash at three different speeds for after-dark fun. Of course, you can imprint them with your logo so everyone knows where all the laughs came from!

It’s not too late to delight your customers with these awesome summer items. Or maybe your company is going to spend a day in the sun? Either way, Burt’s has got your back and can provide the perfect products for the lake. Check out an even larger selection of products here. Give us a call today at 970-484-7417 to place your order!

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