5 Clothing Items to Embroider to Advertise your Business

At Burt’s, we understand the importance of getting your brand out in public. The more people who see your logo, the more people who will have your business on their mind. So we’re here to help your logo walk around town! You name the clothing item, and we’ll hook up the embroidery machines. Here are just a few pieces we can embroider to advertise your business:


  1. Polo Shirt

That’s right, we’re looking at all our salesmen, golf pros and business professionals. Our polo shirts come in every color under the rainbow, so whatever your company colors may be, we have your back.


  1. Zip Up Jacket

With the nip of fall in the air, now is the perfect time to break out the zip up fleece jackets. You can count on Burt’s to have a wide variety of the latest styles.


  1. Stocking Cap

With winter right around the corner, everyone will be pulling out their stocking caps pretty soon. Give them a cozy one from Burt’s that promotes your company at the same time!


  1. Sweatpants

Are you in the fitness industry? Or any other profession where wearing sweatpants is socially acceptable? We have quite a few comfy solutions that can easily be customized.


  1. Industrial Work Shirts

Where are all our Carhartt-wearing, oil rig working, manly men? Our durable button up shirts not only get the job done, but they’re comfortable enough to wear outside of the job site, expanding the reach of your audience.


No matter what industry you’re in, and no matter what type of apparel makes the most sense for your business, Burt’s is ready to embroider it with your brand!

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