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6 Thank-You Gifts for Any Business

If you work in the service sector of society, you know as well as we do that loyal customers are the bread and butter of any business’s success. Showing a little bit of appreciation for these customers can go a long way. Keep your favorite customers around with a spontaneous thank-you gift once or twice a year. Here are just a few suggestions:

1. Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit
Everyone could use a desk plant to brighten their day. Plus, bamboos have a long lifespan (even if your gift recipient doesn’t have a green thumb!), so your branded pot will remind them of your kindness for many, many months.

2. Portable Charger
Portable chargers are a life saver for anyone on the go. This rechargeable battery is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, cameras and other devices thatuse a standard USB cable for charging.

3. Padfolio
For any customer that has an office job, padfolios are the perfect thank-you gift. Customize it with your logo to put your business in front of your customer’s contacts as well.

4. RFID Blocking Phone Wallet
Help your customers protect against identity theft with an RFID blocking phone wallet. These handy sleeves stick to the back of a smartphone and are lined with Lycra cloth and aluminum foil to prevent electronic pickpockets from stealing card information.

5. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler
Yes, it may be a common gift, but we’re calling travel mugs oldies but goodies. We all need our coffee to jumpstart us in the morning, and we all need at least few travel tumblers to put it in.

6. Industry-Specific Gifts
Tailoring a thank-you gift to your customer’s industry or hobby is a surefire way to score extra points. Golf balls, dog toys and calendars are just a few industry-specific gift options.

Show gratitude for your best customers with these fun gifts. Check out our complete range of promotional products for more ideas!

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