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5 Graphic Design Tips Every Aspiring Designer Should Know


Thinking about getting into graphic design? Excellent choice! As you know, the Burt’s crew gets excited over anything artsy or design-related. Here are a few basic graphic design tips to use as a guideline if you are just starting out:

Simple is Best

It can be easy to get greedy and want to use 37 different fonts in one design. Slow down because too many fonts can be overwhelming and look a bit sloppy. Narrow it down to about two fonts per design, and better yet, use fonts from the same family. In addition, stripping away unnecessary design elements will give your graphic an overall cleaner look.

Keep it Balanced

Having somewhat equal elements on both sides of the design will make it more visually appealing to viewers. Keep in mind, balance is not the same as symmetry – elements do not need to mirror one another but rather they should be placed evenly throughout the canvas.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

Identify the mood you want your design to create and select colors accordingly. For example, pastels evoke a calming and nature-like feeling; bold and bright colors convey energy and action; black and white has a simplistic and elegant vibe. Similar to choosing fonts, avoid using too many colors in one design.

Create Contrast

Every design has a main element that needs to stand out. Accomplish this by creating contrast between the main element and other elements. Through layering, using a different font or changing the color, give the main attraction characteristics that other parts do not possess.

Allow Enough Breathing Room

Too much clutter is a turn off to your audience. Imagine your words, images and other elements are claustrophobic and need a healthy space bubble around them. This will help your message get perceived more easily.


Best of luck with your graphic design endeavors!

10 Reasons to Smile Today


With all the gloom and doom on the news, it’s easy to get down in the dumps. We want to change that around and add a splash of brightness to your day. October 7 is World Smile Day, and what better way to celebrate than to take a look at these reasons to smile:

  1. Fall in Colorado

Colorado is gorgeous any time of the year, but fall is when our home really shows off its beauty. Whether you take a hike in the mountains or just drive through town, you can always count on some awe-inspiring scenery.


  1. Election Season is Almost Over

We don’t give a darn what your politics are because we know we agree on one thing: Election ads and political hoopla is exhausting.



  1. New CSU Stadium

We’ll sure miss Hughes, but it is exciting that our beloved Rams get a new home starting next year.


  1. The Most Gutsy 102-Year-Old Ever

This is absolutely adorable: A 102-year-old woman named Edie Simms wanted desperately to be arrested as part of her bucket list. So the police showed up at her retirement home to “arrest” her, to which she was immensely thrilled. Get the full story.


Photo credit Today.com


  1. Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Pumpkin carving, corn maze roaming and costume partying, oh my!



  1. Different Animal Friendships

Like these guys:


Photo courtesy: boredpanda.com


  1. Ellen DeGeneres

How do you not love Ellen? Here is a compilation of some of her funniest moments.



  1. Philanthropy in Northern Colorado

We have a multitude of businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals in northern Colorado that are dedicated to improving lives of others. One of our favorite upcoming philanthropic initiatives is The Human Bean’s Coffee for a Cure, which donates 100 percent of sales on Oct. 21 to local cancer projects.




  1. The World is At Your Fingertips

You have more opportunity today than at any other time throughout history. Now go do something about it!


  1. Burt’s Has All Your Screen Printing Needs Covered

Whether you need t-shirts, mugs or promotional products galore, Burt’s has your back. And that’s always a reason to smile.

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